Beyond Genre
  • Which versions of iTunes and Winamp are supported?

  • iTunes version 7 and above. Winamp version 2.91 and above.

  • How can I add new attributes to Beyond Genre

  • go to File | Configure Song Attribute. Add your own attribute to the list.

  • How many attributes can I add to Beyond Genre?

  • up to 600. 10 at a time

  • How can I set one song's attribute?

  • you can set songs and album's attribute by double clicking on the song's name. To set the song being played attributes, click on the song's name on the toolbar.

  • How can I add an album to Beyond Genre?

  • go to File | Add by Artist Folder. It only adds the new songs and albums.

  • How can I import my music from iTunes

  • go to File | Import from iTunes. Specify the delimeters that you have used within your iTunes grouping and Beyond Genre will create attributes based on your Grouping, Ratings, and Genre.

  • Will the installation in any way affect iTunes

  • No, Beyond Genre does not write to the iTunes database.

  • Would it be possible to save the lists of songs that the program generates for quick retrieval for the next occasion? Say I like one particular mix of songs, but don't remember exactly which genres I checked off...

  • You can save a playlist by simply renaming the "beyondgenre" playlist within iTunes. Just click on the "beyondgenre" playlist and iTunes will let you rename it. This renamed playlist then gets synced with your iPod. In Winamp, you can save your playlist.

  • I imported my songs from iTunes, now I have repeated artist name on the list. How can I fix that?

  • locate "SongList.txt" in Beyond Genre folder and open it in a text editor. Search for the artist name that is repeating. There must be some spelling differences. By using replace functionality of your text editor, you can easily find/replace spelling differences and fix the problem.

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